Frontiers in Biophysics (CHEM 163)

Adam Cohen | Fall 2022 | Harvard University
This interdisciplinary course will explore the physical interactions that underpin life: the interactions of molecules, macromolecular structures, and cells in warm, wet, squishy environments.  Topics will include Brownian motion, diffusion in a potential field, continuum mechanics of polymers, rods, and membranes, low Reynolds number flow, interfacial forces, electrostatics in solution.  The course will also cover recently developed biophysical tools, including laser tweezers, superresolution microscopies, and optogenetics.  Numerical simulations in Matlab will be used extensively.
Course image for Frontiers in Biophysics

Lecture Notes

Lecture 4: Langevin

Lecture 5: Harmonic well, FCS and DLS

Static And Dynamic Light Scattering -- see p.275-283, 296-301 of "Soft and Condensed Matter Physics in Molecular and Cell Biology"
Brownian Motion -- See p46-65 of Doi & Edwards, "The Theory of Polymer Dynamics"

Lecture 10 - 12: Electrophysiology

Lecture 18: Intermolecular forces

Chapter 1 Of "Theory Of Molecular Forces" By Margenau

Lecture 19: Electrostatics in solution

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